About Our Manufacturer

About Kuhlmann Kitchens

At iKan Kitchens our main kitchen manufacturer is Kuhlmann Kitchens. Based in Germany, this brand’s kitchens are made to exacting standards and offer you practical space solutions. They were first formed in 1923 by brothers Robert and Wilhelm and over the years have grown in success.

In 1992 Kuhlmann moved towards contemporary design and customisable options, creating fitted kitchens for a range of spaces. By 2012 the brand as we know it was introduced as…

‘Kuhlmann – Meine Küche. Made in Germany.’

Making a Kitchen Your Own…

Kuhlmann believe in safety, quality, optimal use of space, and ecology. Each kitchen designed by them is truly bespoke, unique and perfect for use. One feature that they use best is laser-optimised edges to fronts which give you long-lasting, quality fittings.

On top of this, units are designed with your safety in mind. Light touch and secured cabinets make sure that there is no need to worry.

James fitted our Kitchen and we are 100% happy with it, he is very
professional and really takes pride in his work would certainly recommend!

- Mr & Mrs Dand, Windermere

Features and Fittings

A Kuhlmann kitchen has you in mind. There are plenty of different fittings and fixtures to consider, giving you full personalisation of your space. Using RAL colour charts, there are over 4,000 shades available for you to pick from in matt and high-gloss finishes.

LED lighting options are available for under cabinets and worktops as well as inside shelving and storage spaces. You can select from a range of wood and stone worktops as well as different finishing edges.

Our Kitchen Ranges

The kitchen manufacturer provides different ranges in a variety of textures and colours. These include melamine, matt, high-gloss, micro lacquer cracked oak veneer, hand-smooth concrete, ceramic, and wood. Edges available include pp, alu-magic, glass effect and laser.

Multi-level cabinets offer a sense of sophistication and style, whilst making practical use of your space. If you’re looking for something unique, then an 11° cabinet is the perfect choice to make.

Balancing Space and Style

No matter what cabinet you need, there will always be the right size available for your space. Options come in 330 mm, 462 mm, 562 mm and 722 mm.

Any materials used by the kitchen manufacturer hold a PEFC certificate, ensuring that the environment has always been considered in creation. Furthermore, there are a range of organisers and solutions for storage inside of cupboards and draws. For more, please contact us in Cumbria today.