Key Kitchen Trends 2023

Kitchens are still one of the most important rooms in our home, the past few years have taught us how important it is to be happy and comfortable with our own homes and that kitchens are no longer just somewhere to cook meals.
We desire a space that is functional for cooking, entertaining and vital family time.

Open shelves are making a comeback!

Not only does shelving make accessing your commonly used kitchen items a whole lot easier; they are an easy way of adding a pop of colour.

Glass shelves or the warm natural tones of wood can complement most kitchen designs. Using open shelving will break up the sold block of units helping your kitchen flow into your living space.

Glass fronted doors

Whether it’s to showcase your favourite glassware or to add something a little different than just solid doors; Glass is a great choice. Smoked glass and built-in lighting will lift the visual aspect as well as create a relaxing mood.

Let’s talk colour

Blues and greys were big in 2022 but in 2023 we will see a shift of these moving towards black and charcoal. Black with the right lighting, paired with soft wood tones and statement flooring creates a bold sophisticated look, as shown in this showstopper kitchen we recently completed.

If you feel you need colour then Paprika, raspberry and pastel pinks to add warmth and fun to your entertaining space – you can see why they are gaining more popularity this year.


Sustainability is at the forefront of most of our minds.
You need to be able to make informed choices through the transparency of the company you choose.
Choosing a higher-end product, in the long run, could be the best cost-effective choice; the longevity and quality of your kitchen mean there is less chance of buying new after a few years. Don’t be fooled by thinking a more expensive kitchen design means it is a quality product though. Always check with your chosen kitchen company about the make-up of the units.
Look out for FSC, and PEFC – these mean the materials used are from sustainably managed forests and the social welfare of local people is being protected and enhanced.

Integrated bins have always been popular, but this year bins are stepping up a gear to add a whole recycling and compost system into kitchen design. It not only reduces waste, and is environmentally friendly but your garden will love you for it too!

We all love a gadget so why not add a Boiling hot water tap, not only are they convenient and look stylish; It is estimated that Boiling water taps use up to 50% less electricity than boiling a kettle!
Energy-efficient appliances and lighting are also something to think about when making your kitchen design sustainable.

Space saving storage

Innovative storage ideas like our multi-level drawer unit, pantry cupboards, drawer organisers and corner storage systems are a must for 2023 but have you thought about appliances in drawers? Warming drawers or refrigerated drawers – the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget though – Trends come and go, but when investing in a new kitchen you’ll want to love it for years to come.

If you have a kitchen project you would like to work together on then please contact us.

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