Adding a Bit of Colour in to Your Kitchen

We could all do with something to brighten up our days during lockdown – adding a bit of colour to your kitchen can really make a difference. 


Whatever your budget these few ideas are sure to brighten up your space.

Having open shelves in your kitchen to display some bright coloured plates, even different coloured pastas/dried ingredients in glass jars is a quick, simple solution to adding colour.


Adding colour to your walls seems an obvious one but how about adding colour to the ceiling?.. splashbacks or upstands can make a big difference there are so many choices of colours and designs you can really go wild!


Mix it up by adding a contrasting colour to your kitchen doors – it’s a great way to make a design statement!


There are so many flooring solutions now you can add colour and sparkle using different types of materials… epoxy flooring is truly stunning and unique!


Adding plants or artwork is another simple low-cost solution that can be easily changed to suit your mood or season.


Lighting is a great way to add colour either highlighting one area or the whole kitchen – the choice is yours.


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